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Will the second epidemic in China come? ?

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Will the second epidemic in China come? ?
Latest company news about Will the second epidemic in China come? ?

At present, China's domestic epidemic prevention and control has entered a stage of normalization, but many people are still worried that there will be a second wave of epidemics in this autumn and winter.In this regard, Zhang Wenhong, the leader of the Shanghai New Coronary Pneumonia Clinical Treatment Expert Team and the co-chair of the public health expert team, said that the challenges facing this winter are still very serious. In the context of the global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia, please stay alert and considerate.


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(figure 1)

Zhang Wenhong said that this epidemic can be said to be a relatively unique one in the history of infectious diseases. Although many countries controlled the first epidemic in April, there are still some regions and countries that have not yet controlled the first wave of epidemics. Live, and have been superimposed for the second time, the challenge is still severe.

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(Figure 2: The current situation of the world epidemic)

Faced with a possible second epidemic in China, Zhang Wenhong said that after the epidemic in Beijing is completely controlled, China has basically determined the next stage of epidemic prevention mode.These include the Wuhan model during the outbreak period, the Beijing model during the sporadic situation, and the current epidemic prevention situation in other cities such as the Shanghai model, and the prevention and control model for one or two cases of imported sporadic cases.

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(figure 3:Strictly check Strictly check immigration)


"China still has many partners in Europe and East Asia who have better epidemic control. At that time, everyone will take more unified steps to prevent and control imported epidemics throughout the world." Zhang Wenhong said that he hopes that the vaccine will come out as soon as possible and join us. The battle group becomes a powerful weapon.

Finally, it is not that our country’s epidemic is under control to completely relax our vigilance. Before the epidemic in other countries in the world is under control, we must wear masks, wash hands frequently, and maintain appropriate exercise according to our own situation.


Information source: People's Daily Online reporter Wang Guojing

Pub Time : 2020-07-29 10:48:57 >> News list
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