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WHO: Congratulations to China, it is shocking!

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WHO: Congratulations to China, it is shocking!
Latest company news about WHO: Congratulations to China, it is shocking!

On September 7, WHO experts said that China’s success in controlling the epidemic is worth celebrating. China’s anti-epidemic experience has given the world confidence and hopes to see more countries celebrate their success in fighting the epidemic and share their experience in fighting the epidemic.


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Michael Ryan, head of the WHO's health emergency project, said at a regular press conference that day: "I extend my heartfelt blessings to Chinese medical staff. They work tirelessly to control the epidemic to such a low level, and can Long-term maintenance. Many parts of China have experienced the impact of the epidemic. Chinese communities, scientific research institutions, public health departments and the government have worked together to control the epidemic. The success has been achieved and is worth celebrating."


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Ruian said that as many countries and societies get on the right track, the epidemic is at risk of rebounding, and we must remain vigilant about this. WHO encourages countries that have experienced an outbreak and successfully controlled the epidemic to continue to provide help and advice to other countries, share prevention and control experience and technologies, and demonstrate unity.


Maria Van Kelkhoff, the technical leader of the WHO emergency project, said: "As the epidemic continues, governments and individuals in many countries have become very tired and slack. It is very difficult physically and psychologically to deal with the rebound of the epidemic. Countries are very difficult. We should support each other and share the experience of successfully controlling the epidemic.” She said that the epidemic is still ongoing, but people have effective prevention and control methods that can break the chain of virus transmission and reduce infection.


Van Kelkhover recalled the experience of visiting China in February this year. She said that at that time China had invested heavily in public health, established a system and force for surveillance and response to infectious diseases, and initiated case tracking, rapid testing, and centralized isolation. And the mechanism of treating patients, China's entire anti-epidemic system has been activated. "Celebrating the success of the fight against the epidemic is a positive action. I hope to see more countries celebrate the success of the fight against the epidemic and share their experience in fighting the epidemic."


Bruce Aylward, senior adviser to the Director-General of the World Health Organization, said with emotion, at this moment, I recalled what the World Health Organization visited in China in February this year. There are three aspects in China that have deeply shocked me: First, the Chinese government attaches great importance to fighting the epidemic and investing in public health infrastructure. From the central government to provinces, cities, and communities, governments at all levels are increasing investment and sharing information. The health department updates the diagnosis and treatment plan almost every week, providing the latest results and methods for national reference. This is very difficult for a country with a population of more than 1 billion.


Secondly, what is even more shocking is that for the safety of their country and the world, every Chinese has demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and spirit of cooperation. Everyone is serious about maintaining social distancing, following scientific guidelines, sticking to their posts, and even making sacrifices.


Third, after the epidemic prevention and control in many provinces and cities in China has improved, the local government is still preparing beds, purchasing protection and related medical equipment, and preparing for the possible spread of the epidemic. These are the reasons why the epidemic in China has been brought under control, and it is also hoped that China's anti-epidemic results will continue to be maintained for a long time.


The World Health Organization spoke highly of China's success in fighting the epidemic, highly praised China's contribution to international solidarity in the fight against the epidemic and its valuable assistance to other countries, and has repeatedly introduced China's experience in fighting the epidemic at press conferences and other occasions.



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