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Production process and environmental requirements of disposable medical masks

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Production process and environmental requirements of disposable medical masks
Latest company news about Production process and environmental requirements of disposable medical masks

Masks can be seen everywhere in People's Daily life, such as factories, smoggy weather, spraying workshops, hospitals, restaurants, chemicals, electric welding, beauty, pharmaceuticals, decoration, commuting and so on. Do you know how disposable medical masks are made and under what conditions?


Manufacturing process of disposable medical masks:


1. Selection of raw materials: appropriate amount of PP non-woven cloth, nose bridge, silk thread, anti-bacteria filter paper, activated carbon cloth, waterproof breathable film, non-woven fabric edge material and ear belt.


2. Production: The raw materials of PP non-woven cloth, anti-bacteria filter paper, activated carbon cloth and waterproof breathable film are hung on the material rack of the mask slicer, and the machine is adjusted for automatic production.


3. Welding molding: place the bridge of the nose on top of the mask, then fold and wrap the bridge of the nose.


4. Inpacking workshop: Sterilize and vacuum package the molded masks.


5. Outsourcing shipment: centralized integration of packaged masks with external packaging for shipment.


Production environment and requirements for masks


Is familiar with the medical device classification friends should know, medical apparatus and instruments will be divided into three classes, masks belongs to the category of medical apparatus and instruments, disposable surgical masks production environment must be in the class of 100000 (medical said: D clean workshop) or more clean workshop for production, this is a national mandatory requirements, the production environment must be clean, sterile, masks have special requirements must be in the designated production under constant temperature and humidity range.


Logistics: from the initial selection of raw materials to the final molding of the inner package, the whole process must be dust-free and sterile. The layout of the workshop should be reasonable, pay attention to the smooth technological process, the connection between the upper and lower processes is smooth, the transportation distance should be short and straight, as far as possible to avoid detour and round-trip transportation.


Personnel: wash hands from dressing >> / buffer >> air shower disinfection >> clean corridor >> each clean workshop must be dust-free.


Third party testing qualified after production and use


After finishing the decoration of the purification workshop, it shall pass the third-party professional inspection and meet the standards before production and use

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