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Is it difficult to obtain FFP2 certification for FFP2 respirators?

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Is it difficult to obtain FFP2 certification for FFP2 respirators?
Latest company news about Is it difficult to obtain FFP2 certification for FFP2 respirators?

FFP2 masks are those that meet the European (CEEN1409:2001) standards, which are divided into three levels: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. Different from the American standard, its detection flow adopts 95L/min and USES DOP oil to send dust.


Testing instrument


Detection of FFP2 category masks, whether European or United States standards, was specified through a United States TTI-8130 Filter Testers. NaCI method was used in American standard for N class, DOP method for R class and DOP method for European standard.


The NaCI method of TSI-8130 instrument: the instrument can automatically produce salt particles, the average diameter of particles is 0.2 m(aggregate average diameter is 0.26um, arithmetic average diameter is 0.07 m) after being set at a certain flow rate through the sample, the instrument automatically prints out the flow rate, resistance, transmittance.


DOP method: DOP oil was used to generate dust. The particle diameter of DOP oil was 0.33 m, the average particle diameter of DOP oil was 0.20um.



Is it easy to get certified by FFP2 respirators?


The answer is: very hard


According to relevant reports, there are about 8,000 mask manufacturers in China, but only a handful have the FFP2 certificate. In addition to the high cost of testing, the location of testing in Europe, the long process, and other factors, testing standards are very strict and many mask manufacturers are discouraged. The following is an example of FFP2 respirator filtration efficiency test and respiratory resistance test to illustrate the high standard of detection.


FFP2 Protective mask specifications and standards


Both European and American protective masks were tested by American TSI-8130 Filter Testers, through NaCl for N categories, DOP for R categories and DOP for European standards. DOP oil was used in European detection to produce dust. The particle diameter of DOP oil was 0.33 m aggregate average particle diameter and 0.20 m count average diameter. The filtration efficiency was required to be no less than 94%. On the one hand, the filtration effect is related to particle size, in addition, it is also affected by whether the particles contain oil or not.


In addition, the EU's respiratory test standards for FFP2 protective masks are also very strict, with 95L/min for inhalation resistance test and 160L/min for expiratory resistance test (both 85l /min for domestic inhalation and expiratory resistance test). Such stringent standards for filtration efficiency and respiratory resistance have led many manufacturers to back off.

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