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How to buy qualified masks for children?

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How to buy qualified masks for children?
Latest company news about How to buy qualified masks for children?

Novel Coronavirus is now known to transmit mainly through respiratory tract, and wearing a mask is a standard accessory when leaving the house. But there is a lot of knowledge about the use of masks that parents don't know much about. For example, are all children allowed to wear masks? There are many kinds of masks on the market. How to buy qualified masks for children?


Can infants under one year old wear masks?


Experts from the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention made it clear that babies should not wear masks. Because the infant's respiratory system and brain nerve center are not well developed, wearing a mask is easy to have difficulty breathing, and there is even a risk of suffocation. And baby face shape is relatively small, and there is no suitable mask to match it on the market.


So how can babies prevent non-coronavirus infections?


The strategy of "passive protection" is mainly adopted to fix a nurse. The nurse should try not to go out, wear a mask when touching the child, should not cough or sneeze at the child, pay attention to hand hygiene, pay attention to the disinfection of toys, tableware and common articles, etc.



How to buy qualified masks for children?


As the epidemic raged, masks became hard currency. First of all, children face smaller, wearing adult mask sealing effect is not good, so children should not use adult mask. So, in the face of a wide range of good and bad children's masks, which are qualified and effective products? The health and even the lives of children are at stake.


The "Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Mask Prevention Guide" issued by the National Health Commission has clear provisions on the purchase of qualified children masks, that is, products that conform to the national standard GB2626-2006 KN95 and label particulate protection masks for children or adolescents. Remember these two points!


Around now travel restrictions, the parents usually buy masks in electric business platform, I've been shopping in shopping to a mainstream platform, some children face mask products did not meet the national standards KN95 GB2626-2006, of course, some products are clearly labeled in conformity with the national standards, as long as the parents desperately grasped KN95 GB2626-2006 the national standard, the choice of children or teenagers particulate respirators, children will not have to worry about buy unqualified masks.

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