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Do you know these problems with masks?

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Do you know these problems with masks?
Latest company news about Do you know these problems with masks?

The global epidemic is "always moving forward", and the number of confirmed cases worldwide has exceeded 17 million. The difference is that some countries should have the epidemic under control, while others are still growing wildly.


As for China, facing imported risks and pressures, China's goal is not to be affected by the second wave of the global epidemic. Judging from the recent local confirmed cases in China, we can also feel that the second wave of epidemics in the world is watching. This also warns us that the epidemic has not gone far. We still need to do a good job of normalizing epidemic prevention, and masks will accompany us for some time.



Some friends left us a message and asked: Wearing a mask for a long time may cause facial swelling and skin damage. So what can be done to relieve and reduce the skin damage caused by wearing a mask?

First of all, it is necessary to choose masks with the right specifications, avoid using fake and inferior products, and children should choose the right size. Wear moisturizer on the face and behind the ears;

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(Picture 1: Front: disposable child mask, back: disposable adult mask)


Secondly, after wearing the mask for a period of time, you can change the position of the mask or take it off to reduce the pressure on the skin. If redness and damage are found, the skin should be fully rested and treated accordingly. Finally, moisturizer can be applied to the stressed area, and anti-inflammatory products such as aloe vera gel can be applied to reduce skin damage.

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(figure 2)



There is another question: how to deal with the masks we wear?

First, the masks used by healthy people can be processed in accordance with the requirements of household waste classification;

Second, masks worn by suspected or confirmed cases should not be discarded at will. This is medical waste and needs to be handled strictly in accordance with the relevant procedures of medical waste to avoid infection of others.



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(figure 3)


The fight against the epidemic is difficult, and the virus is still dangerous. Therefore, the prevention and control of the epidemic cannot be careless, and self-protection cannot be relaxed.

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